Kareevlei Project

Kareevlei Mining holds the Mining Right over 3000 hectares in the Northern Cape province of South Africa, approximately 100 kilometres North West of Kimberley.       
There are five known diamondiferous kimberlite pipes ranging from <0.5 hectares to 5.6 hectares.  The Inferred Mineral Resource is based on three of the pipes, K1, K2 and K3.  K4 and K5 are the smallest two pipes and have had very limited work carried out. 

Mining operations started in 2015 on K2, since then K1 and K5 have also come on stream with a fourth planned to start in 2021.


Kareevlei produces very high quality diamonds.  The average value of all diamonds sold from Kareevlei exceeds USD300 per carat placing Kareevlei into the top 10 kimberlite mines in the world (ranked by average value per carat).

Tonnes Carats Grade (cpht)
K1 1,131,500 69,500 6,1
K2 867,200 39,100 4,5
Total indicated 1,998,700 108,600 5,4
Inferred Resource
KV1 2,555,700 155,500 6,1
KV2 1,478,500 65,800 4,5
KV3 3,629,200 152,000 4,2
KV5 706,200 34,300 4,9
Total Inferred 8,369,600 407,600 4,9
Grand Total 10,368,300 516,200 5,0